Beauty Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner

So. I just happened to be blessed with one of those faces that REQUIRE eyeliner. For real. You don’t want to see me without it – it just looks….. wrong.

So, I’ve spent a number of years trying to find the PERFECT eyeliner. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Most times, they wind up running down and making me look like I have two black eyes when I don’t. Come on people, when I have a black eye, I WORK THE BLACK EYE. I’ll go through phases of favorites, but always let them go.

And soooo I will find myself in what I call the Cheap-Liner Rut. Where I’ll just buy whatever NYC or CoverGirl shade I want until I break it, lose it, or run out of it…

But here’s the thing. They never STAY. I have to reapply and fix underneath my eyes repeatedly.

So, I put myself on a mission. I polled our Twitter followers (are YOU following us on Twitter, yet??) What is it that YOU want in an eyeliner?

@PrissyBitches something I can easily apply. My eyes and liner don’t mesh well. I sometimes use dark shadow
 @PrissyBitches Something I can apply:/ I’ve said I LOVE the look of winged eyeliner, but I can’t seem to figure it out (tutorials and all!)
This, smooth flow a newb can control RT@PrissyBitches Doesn’t smudge or end up in a pool under my eye at the end of the day
 @PrissyBitches Doesn’t smudge or end up in a pool under my eye at the end of the day

The answer was consistent: Something that I can APPLY and that will STAY.

So, I was walking through Ulta, like I do, and I passed the always ever-so-tempting Urban Decay counter… I played with their shadows a bit, and remembered that I needed some new black eyeliner.

I grabbed their’s on a complete whim (Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero) and continued on my way.

The next morning I tried it out and I. FELL. IN. LOVE.

You GUYS. I think I have finally found my PERFECT eyeliner. It glides on super easily, the color is rich and striking, it is waterproof, so it is great for putting on the waterline as well as below it, and it STAYS. The name is not a joke. I have to work hard to get it off at night, and I now have the confidence to not worry about having to reapply or touch up my eyeliner throughout the day.

It dries fast, so even if I rub my eye accidentally, it won’t smudge.

I am in LOVE.

So, I went back to Ulta (I’m there at least once a week, y’all), last week and they are currently having their 21 days of beauty sale. I immediately was pulled to this:

It’s a set exclusively at Ulta with four colors of the 24/7 Eyeliner (one of which, Empire, is sold exclusively at Ulta), and a great sharpener for only $28.

Now, I know that seems like a lot to spend on liner for some folks, but when one Pencil retails at $19, you can see why I grabbed this immediately.

I have to say, the other three colors did not disappoint. Here is an up-close shot of the four colors in the set:

Colors from left to right: Zero, Corrupt, Empire, Uzi

LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. Ugh. They’re just gorgeous. The iridescent sparkle in the brown and the slate are even more striking in person. And all three held up just as beautifully as the black, which comes in the set as well (I now have a backup!).

AND, I was equally pleased with their sharpener. It is not your average cheapo sharpener that you run into with a gift set. It’s a great tool.

So anyway, I would STRONGLY recommend getting this set and giving the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-ons a try. I am in love.:)

Here is a closeup of my eyeball today. I’m wearing Empire. And I’ve already gotten three compliments on it!😉