What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesdays is a weekly meme we are hosting over here at
Prissy Bitches. Here’s what you do:

Once a week, take a picture of one of your FAVORITE outfits. Post it on your blog on Wednesday with all the details along with our cute little icon up there. Then, get your booty over here and leave us a link in the comments so we can all gush about each other’s fierceness.




I have been a BAD Prissy Bitch.

I forgot to do a WIW post this week, so you get my lovely outfit that I am wearing today. Which, it isn’t my FAVORITE outfit of the past week – but I love it just the same. We’ve had a few days full of severe thunderstorms here lately, so the whole blowing-out-the-hair thing has been put on the back burner, because you don’t want to see what a frizzy hot mess that turns into when it’s humid like this.

So, here I am at the office with my huge, curly hair au naturale!

Okay. The outfit. You guys. I am SO obsessed with the trendy bright colors this Season. I have always LOVED color and I am really enjoying getting to play with them. This dress and the color block on the shoes are MUCH brighter in person (iphone photos – you get what you get). I toned it down with a cropped sweater and black tights.

I am so in love with these shoes. They just so happen to match this dress perfectly and so I can already see this being an outfit I’ll repeat with or without the tights/sweater. One trick I love is to take a pair of neutral or nude pumps and pair them with a dark pair of tights. It turns what could be a classic staple in to a fun pop of color on its very own. Let your shoes SHINE, I say.😉


  • Dress: Target
  • Bolero Style Sweater: Vintage; Thrifted
  • Patent Skinny Belt: I can’t remember but I lurve it
  • Initial Charm Necklace: Forever 21
  • Black Tights: I have so many pairs of tights. I can’t remember where these are from. Probably Kohls or Target
  • Shoes: Nine West
  • Black eye: You can’t really see it anymore – but it’s still there a little bit. That one is from an unfortunate incident with this little guy:

What a tough guy, right? You don’t want to cross paths with him, folks! Haaaa. Here is the eye in all its glory this past weekend:

Nice, huh? Ah, the life of a Pug Owner.  

So what about you? What was YOUR favorite outfit of the past week?




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