What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesdays is a weekly meme we are starting over here at Prissy Bitches. Here’s what you do:

Once a week, take a picture of one of your FAVORITE outfits. Post it on your blog on Wednesday with all the details along with our cute little icon up there. Then, get your booty over here and leave us a link in the comments so we can all gush about each other’s fierceness.


So Saturday, to thank my fabulous friend Dania for taking care of a speeding ticket for me (it is awesome to have lawyer friends), and also just because we love them and wanted to make them come out with us, Hubs and I took her and her husband Diego to our favorite restaurant, Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink for a night of shmoozing, boozing, and fun! Michael’s is one of THE best restaurants in South Florida and we are freaking obsessed with the food there, not to mention the unbelievably delicious caipirihnas (I’m not even going to pretend to know how to spell that) they serve. So, what does one wear to a posh restaurant to get drunk on Brazilian passonfruit cocktails?
Please see above. I decided to rock another of my favorite trends this season – PLEATS! Love, love, love pleats. And OOBER fabulous Dania, a self proclaimed and widely acknowledged diva, wore a hot, tight navy dress and totally nailed the color blocking trend by wearing sapphire blue pumps and a bright yellow clutch! LOVED it. I may or may not be planning on purchasing my own bright yellow clutch, but that’s another post.
  • Blue Pleated Dress: Forever 21
  • Gold Glitter Platforms: Bakers
  • Black sparkle necklace: J. Crew
  • Black Cardigan: Kohls
  • Pink/gold chain leather bracelet: Conversation Pieces
  • Nail polish: Essie Navigate Her
  • Powder Pink Lipstick: Dior
  • My friend Dania’s fabulous clutch: Ted Baker


Every year, a local Theater Column throws a HUGE Awards Gala that honors all of the outstanding theater in the DFW area from that past year. It is always such a blast to see everyone all gussied up and get to catch up because, as theater people, unless we are all in a show together, we’re pretty much too busy to hang out regularly. Anyway, the past two years I have gone long and glam with my choices, so this year I wanted to go short and break out the gams. The theme was Razzle Dazzle – so obvs this was my chance to work some feathers and sequins, right? Right. Oh, and that top picture up there? Why yes, that would be me and my husband with the LEGENDARY CHITA RIVERA on the VIP Carpet. She was our Celebrity Co-host this year. Oh what a night.:)


  • Dress: Bebe
  • Turquoise Shoes: Audrey Brooke (DSW)
  • Sheer Black Tights: Target
  • Turquoise and Gold Chandelier Earrings: Target

So what about you? What was YOUR favorite outfit of the past week?

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